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Holiday Money Hangover

Holiday Money Hangover

The holidays are a time to refresh ourselves and reconnect with family and friends. While we plan when to meet and what to buy, we should ask: has enough money been set aside to cover holiday expenses? If not, then it’ll be too easy for holiday happiness to turn into holiday stress.

It’s only when credit card bills arrive that people feel the pain of a holiday hangover. It’s that awful feeling of paying a high price paid for a fleeting good time. We carry our bills and the crummy feelings into the New Year (or even longer), robbing us of the chance to do the things we value for the simple reason that payment for what has passed prevents us from saving for the things we would rather spend.

Does all of this sound familiar? Then you’re probably tired of the holiday hangover, too. Maybe now is the time for a change. Come join our webinar and learn about the right supports you’ll need to be able to pay off those holiday debts and break this cycle once and for all. In this webinar, you will: Figure out how much the holiday fun will cost and what still needs to be paid for. Learn how to take control of your holiday debt and retire it quickly.

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