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About Purolator Health

Introducing Purolator Health

Purolator Health is a new initiative designed with the needs and interests of Purolator employees and their families at its heart.

Building on our history of care and concern for employees, Purolator Health provides tools, resources and guidance that promotes a holistic approach to health and wellness – inside and out!

Purolator Health

Purolator Health builds upon our strong health and safety culture by taking a holistic approach in supporting the overall health and wellness – physical, mental, and social – of our 14,000 employees and their families. As a company, protecting the health and safety of our workforce has always been a top priority. Evolving our health and wellness strategy under Purolator Health will enable us to take this even further by introducing more tools, resources and guides that promote health that is focused on our “whole self”.

Program Details

  • Employees

    Purolator Health helps Purolator employees, and their families, maintain their health and avoid adverse health outcomes through access to resources and health care experts.

  • Customers

    Purolator Health supports customers by delivering premium services to organizations and building relationships that share our appreciation for the value of health.

  • Communities

    Purolator Health aims to raise the health and well-being of our communities through partnerships and advocacy that support marginalized groups.


  • John Ferguson

    President and CEO

    At Purolator, we are committed to protecting the health and safety of you, our team members. And that commitment extends beyond the workday. We’ll do this by supporting and empowering our people and their families to take proactive and preventative steps toward their physical, mental and social wellbeing.

  • Ken Johnston

    Senior Vice President,
    People and Culture

    Purolator is not just in the business of delivering packages, we’re in the business of people. Delivering on our promises to customers and communities across Canada starts with a healthy workforce and investing in the wellness of our team members.

  • Ramsey Mansour

    Senior Vice President,
    Corporate Development, Strategy and Marketing

    At Purolator, we have always been committed to supporting the health and wellness of the communities we serve. Whether it’s delivering vital packages for our customers, or by giving back to our communities through Purolator Tackle Hunger, our people go the extra mile every day. And with the launch of our new Purolator Health program we’re going the extra mile for you and your families.

Frequently asked questions

  • Building on Purolator’s strong foundation of health and safety programs, Purolator Health is an evolution of our commitment to supporting the needs of employees and their families, customers and communities.
  • We aim to create a work environment that champions employees’ well-being and fosters a strong culture of health and wellness. This requires adopting a holistic approach that considers mental, physical and social elements of well-being.

A holistic approach is defined as the treatment of the whole person. In other words, it considers mental and social factors, and not just the physical aspects of personal wellness, a condition or an illness. Purolator Health will focus on three key areas.

      • Physical well-being: the ability to maintain a healthy quality of life and get the most out of daily activities without undue fatigue or physical stress.
      • Mental well-being: a positive mindset, healthy relationships and having the resilience to overcome challenges.
      • Social well-being: the ability to develop and maintain meaningful relationships within the workplace, our personal lives and in our communities.

Purolator Health is available to all employees and their family members. As the program evolves, it will expand to include our customers and our communities.

No. Your existing health benefits will remain the same and continue as they are.

Purolator Health builds on the resources currently available to employees relating to health and wellness. will be an easy place for all employees to learn about upcoming health-related events (Ask Your Chief Medical Director chats, Wellness Wednesdays and more), view past events and workshops, access tools and resources, including your Employee Family Assistance Program (EFAP), and participate in wellness activities, education sessions. The program will continue to grow and develop with the release of more videos from health experts, wellness clinics and mental health training opportunities.

No, Purolator Health programs and activities are offered at no additional cost to employees.

No sign-up is required. As a Purolator employee, you and members of your family automatically have access to tools, resources and Purolator Health hosted events on this site (