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Physical Health

Physical Health Initiatives

Physical health is typically one of the first things we think about when it comes to our overall health. But being physically healthy is about more than just physical activity. It’s about eating healthy foods that make you feel good, keeping a regular sleep schedule and taking care of yourself to prevent illness and injury. Purolator Health is here to provide you with trusted information, practical suggestions and access to programs and referrals that will meet your physical health needs.

Stretch of the Month

Stretch of the Month provides you with resources to help you build the healthy habit of daily stretching into your life. Stretch of the Month information is shared with all terminals by printed posters, digital screens, and found right here. Happy stretching – your body will be sure to thank you!

Body Break with Hal Johnson and Joanne McLeod

    • Body Break

    Purolator Health Hal and Joanne video #4 – Winter Blues

    • Body Break

    Purolator Health BodyBreak video #3 – Taking a break for kindness during the holidays

    • Body Break

    Purolator Health BodyBreak video #2 – Self-care moments

    Hal and Joanne are back with a reminder to make self-care a priority. With Peak just around the corner, we want to support you in feeling your best at work and at home! Check out this video, where they share some of their favourite micro-breaks.

Physical Health Wellness Moments and Snapshots

These wellness moments and snapshots are self-care supports for your physical health.

How to use:

  1. Print and post in a high-traffic area at your work location or at your desk space
  2. Download and share with your team in an email