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Social Health Resources

Social Health Initiatives

Social Health is communicating with others and building meaningful relationships where you can freely be yourself. While both physical and mental health are important, social health greatly impacts our health too.

Get Involved with Purolator!

Join the Purolator Health movement and take an active role in promoting workplace wellness. Try suggesting a wellness workshop to a colleague or nominating a team member who embodies a healthy lifestyle as a Wellness Champion. We welcome your thoughts and ideas on how we can improve the program and continue to promote social health in the workplace. Your feedback is crucial and greatly appreciated. Let’s work together to create a happier and healthier work environment. Get involved now!

Social Health Wellness Moments

These wellness moments and snapshots are to support your personal and team self-care related to social health.

How to use:

  1. Print and post in a high-traffic area at your work location or at your desk space
  2. Download and share with your team in an email

Past Social Health Recordings

  • Wellness Wednesday: Getting Organized

    Rewatch: Join us for “Wellness Wednesday” and master the art of organization! Dive into understanding the pitfalls of clutter, assess your own organizational strengths, and glean insights on balancing organization at work and home. From storage solutions to identifying if disorganization is holding you back, we’ve got resources and tips to guide you.
  • Ask Your CMD: Sleep Hygiene & Sleep

    Rewatch: Join Dr Chugh on this month’s Ask your CMD, on the topic of Sleep Hygiene and Dreams. The panel will talk about the importance of adequate sleep and how to improve the quality of sleep, and we will also discuss dreams and whether there is significance associated with them.
  • Wellness Wednesday: Welcoming Change

    Rewatch: a Wellness Wednesday as we embrace the art of welcoming change! In just an hour, we’ll delve into actionable insights that can transform your perspective. Equip yourself with practical takeaways, ensuring you’re well-prepared for the challenges and opportunities ahead.