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Ask Your Chief Medical Director

About Ask Your CMD

Purolator partners with global healthcare leader Cleveland Clinic to optimize the health and safety of our employees and bolster our health sector-based offerings.

Purolator’s Ask your Chief Medical Director chats (CMD), led by Dr. Shaan Chugh from the Cleveland Clinic, give employees access to reliable, credible, resources and experts in the medical community. The one-hour session focuses on the needs and interests of our over 14,000 team members, giving us the opportunity to ask questions and learn valuable skills that champion whole-health – physical, mental and social.

Past Videos

Ask Your CMD: Body Mechanics, Footwear Choices, and Effective Stretching

  • Physical Health
Rewatch this Ask Your CMD with Dr. Chugh and special guest Dr. McLaughlin as they delve into the essentials of body mechanics, making the right footwear choices, and effective stretching techniques.

Demystifying Mental Health

  • Mental Health
Watch the conversation with Dr. Chugh, alongside Unit Manager Jamie Johnson, on the topic of demystifying mental health. Learn abut the importance of sharing your story to build understanding and support within our communities. Don’t miss this engaging discussion that’ll leave you feeling inspired!

Ask Your CMD: Women’s Health

Re-watch this Ask Your CMD chat featuring Dr. Chugh, special guests Dr. Niki Pinach, and our very own Anna Manocchio and Catherine McCook took place from 12:00 pm-1:00 pm ET. During this event, the panel explored various stages of a woman’s life, ranging from fertility and child-rearing years to menopause and beyond. The expert panel discussed critical topics such as women-specific diseases, including heart disease, and provided valuable insights on promoting and maintaining good health.

Ask Your CMD: Allyship in Action for Health and Wellness

Join Dr. Chugh on this month’s Ask your CMD, on February 15 from 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm on the topic of “Speak Up, Spark Change Allyship in Action for Health and Wellness.” We are thrilled to host this month’s ask Your CMD in partnership with the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion team as we celebrate Black History Month at Purolator and shine a spotlight on Black Health and Wellness. Join this chat with Dr. Chugh, and special guest Dr. Aamir Bharmal is a highly qualified physician with dual certifications in both family medicine and public health. And our very own Shaquana Burton, Corporate Human Resources Manager from our Purolator International Office. Learn about the importance of speaking up for Black health and wellness. We will identify myths and stigmas as it relates to health, share practical steps to address health inequalities and show how you can be an effective ally through advocacy to champion change at work and in your communities.

Healthy Workplace Month

Ask your Chief Medical Director series. Dr. Chugh was joined by Dr. Claire Harrigan, MD. Dr Harrigan is a Psychiatrist and a member of Cleveland Clinic Canada’s Medical Director Program. Re- watch the conversation and learn how to get the most mental health benefits from your workouts by adjusting frequency, intensity, and type. Discover tips and strategies to make exercise easier than ever on your mind, body, and spirit by incorporating them immediately into your fitness routine.

Ask Your Chief Medical Director: Back to School: Children’s Health

This session of Purolator Health CMD chat features Dr. Chugh and special guests Dr. Cheng and Purolator’s very own, Anthony Manful and Tony Manful. Tune in and listen to the panelist talk about back-to-school and children’s health.